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Plainfield Transportation and Mobility Plan - Driving Survey

To help us plan for improvements to roadways in Plainfield, we would love to hear your thoughts on the following questions.

How many registered vehicles are in your household? *

What do you think about the overall road conditions in Plainfield? *

If you choose “Somewhat well maintained” or “Poorly maintained” above, what are the streets you believe should be repaired in priority and why? Please list up to three streets:

How long does it take you to commute each way? *

How many registered hybrid or electric vehicles does your household own? *

Where would you like to see charging stations available if you were to own a hybrid or electric vehicle? (Choose top two) *

What are your top concerns about the road network in Plainfield? (Choose top three) *

What specific location(s) are of concern to you regarding your response to question 7? Please list up to three locations:

What are the traffic problems that you have experienced in Plainfield over the last three months? (Choose all that apply) *

Regarding your response to question 9, please list up to three locations of concern:

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