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Imagine Dubuque: Short Stories, Positive Impacts!

We heard you are involved with a great project and we'd like to know more about it. The City of Dubuque will be using these community-sourced stories to showcase and celebrate progress in achieving the vision outlined in the Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan. Please use the form herein to submit a brief narrative, resource links, and supporting media about the project you are leading or involved with. Thank you in advance for your time, effort and passion in helping make Dubuque more viable, livable and equitable!

Questions? Please email Jason Duba, Planning Technician at

Instructions: Please answer questions in a Word document first, then copy and paste your answers into the form. Due to browser time-out settings, some applicants have experienced trouble submitting their form. Please draft your responses in word and copy and paste to avoid any issues. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I understand that the content shared herein may be posted for public consumption, and is likely to result in smiles and an improved outlook on life.

Note: Editorial may be shortened and content modified for use in media. Information may be used on websites and social media, with credit where appropriate.

Short Story: Please share 1-2 paragraphs of narrative explaining what project or action you are helping move forward?

Quote: Please share an inspirational quote (from yourself or others) about this project! How is it impacting lives and improving our community?

Success by the Numbers: If applicable, please share any impressive stats, metrics, or numbers that help demonstrate progress and success.

EX: Number of events held, pounds of paper recycled, miles of fiber installed,

People Power: List additional organizations, partners and community leaders involved. Please include emails as appropriate / applicable.

Online Resource #1: Website / Social Media / Press Coverage / Video / Other

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Supporting Imagery

As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Please upload imagery to help tell your story. These can be photos, infographics, renderings, a map identifying the project's location, and/or videos. If you are experiencing issues uploading, please review file size and reduce to 4MB or less. Videos are best shared via direct hyperlinks (youtube, facebook, etc.) which can be included as a resource link or in the narrative.

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